At Lyons Den Daycare INC we believe that the early childhood years are the most formative time in human development. The foundation for self-esteem is laid and children learn to adapt successfully to the world. We encourage the development of critical thinking skills, creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

Our teachers seek to create an environment for successful and fun learning. During a typical day each child spends time in individual and group activities, alternating quiet and active times, inside and outside playtime, and one-on-one time with their teachers and assistant teachers.

We believe that children learn best through many kinds of activities and offer each child offer each child
opportunities to build their:

  • Creative expression through art, music, and movement
  • Social relationships through small and large group activities and dramatic play
  • Communication skills through puppetry, storytelling, and sharing
  • Reading readiness through matching, sorting, letter recognition, sequencing,
  • writing and language experiences
  • Math readiness and conceptual skills through cooking, sorting and sequencing
  • activities, weighing and measuring activities, and number games

We firmly believe that each child is a special and unique individual and will foster each child’s pride and security to his or her own identity while promoting all of the children’s awareness and respect for others.  We strive to prepare each child to become a loving and trusted asset to the community around them.